NİLÜFER is an ideal choice for store owners through its aesthetic design, who wish to put the stylishness and ease of use at the forefront in their stores. It has been designed for packed meat, dairy products, delicatessen, fruit/vegetable products and for drinks. You could create the design you require in your stores with its different color, height and size options and could set up island with the use of gondola head modules depending on your requirements.

NİLÜFER has option to be produced with frameless single glazed glass doors without compromising the visuality of the products which makes products easily visible in the shelves. This option also provides energy saving during all day.

• The products displayed inside NİLÜFER model, which provides large display area because of its low base, can also be reached quite easily.
• NİLÜFER provides low energy consumption with its night blind durıng the night. With the door option, you can have low energy consumption all day.
• NİLÜFER provides ease of use for placement of the products and for the display because of its shelves that could be adjusted vertically and at an angle.
• Side panels can be double glazed glass (panoramic), closed panel with mirror inside or closed panel without mirror.
• You can show your displayed products more lively with the use of under shelf lighting that can be supplied as an option.