NERGİS model, which provides a stylish looks with its large glass area and with its aesthetic with 3 different types of door option, provides large amounts of efficiency for the energy consumption with the use of its modular glass doors. NERGİS has been designed for displaying dairy products, packed meat, packed F&V, and drinks. NERGİS can be single unit with 2, 3, 4, 5 and 5 doors  or can be multiplexed next to each other. Different lengths are available based on its door type for NERGİS.

• It provides large display area because of its low base.
• It provides ease of use for placement of the products and for the display because of its shelves that could be adjusted vertically and at an angle.
• You can show your displayed products more lively with the use of under shelf illumination that is supplied as an option.
• NERGİS LM (Aluminium framed double glazed glass door), NERGİS FG (Full glass double glazed glass door with silk printing) and NERGİS TR (Transparent double glazed glass door) models are available.